TEKMOB announces release of NEO M3 v2.0 of Mobile Content Management Platform.

NEO DRM for Mobile Services, offers Mobile Operators a proven and reliable Digital Managment Solution that complies with (OMA) DRM 1.0

End-to-End solutions for Value added services to mobile operators in the arena of MMS, WAP, SMS






Tekmob is a leading provider of mobile content managment and delivery solutions. Our mission is to supply mobile operators, media companies, and online distribution companies with the technology and services needed to extend their subscriber, developer, and content partner relationships, thus maximizing data revenue. Tekmob is a technology leader focused providing mobile solutions that deploy quickly, reduce capital expenditures, provide differentiated services, and increase revenues.


Our vision is to provide the technology and services that mobile operators, media companies, and online distribution companies need to quickly get their services to market, while cost-effectively scaling and provisioning third party content. This will enable the content ecosystem, accelerating mobile data services adoption. Delivery of a constantly evolving portfolio of content requires an intelligent mobile content sourcing and delivery solution that removes technical complexities from content providers and subscribers, thus driving adoption.


Tekmob has extensive experience deploying customized, scalable solutions to the world's largest operators. Our solutions have been deployed with mobile operators representing 6 countries and over 30 million mobile subscribers in Europe and Latin America.

Our reference customers include Telefonica, Vodafone, Eplus, etc. Tekmob has established strong relationships with each of our customers by helping them solve their most challenging problems



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