TEKMOB announces release of NEO M3 v2.0 of Mobile Content Management Platform

NEO DRM for Mobile Services, offers Mobile Operators a proven and reliable Digital Managment Solution that complies with (OMA) DRM 1.0

End-to-End solutions for Value added services to mobile operators in the arena of MMS, WAP, SMS.





NEO Mobile Content Delivery Platform is a modular system that solves the numerous challenges involved in the sourcing, management, and delivery of content to mobile devices. Supporting all major device types, manufacturers and content types, helps deliver the right content to the right device at the right time. This helps effectively on-board content and then presenting content targeted to each user, mobile operators can profit from the rapidly emerging mobile content market.



NEO is a Multi Provider Platform, as it supports different suppliers for the same channel, with different privileges. Each supplier only sees their own contents and reports. The same supplier can provide contents to several channels at once.


NEO is a Multi Product Platform, it supports at the same level, and using the same user friendly interface, different kind of products such as: mono ringtones, poly ringtones, picture messages, operator logo, wallpapers, animated images, MMS, Special Sounds, Icards, Java Games, Photos and Vídeo.


NEO M3 is a Multi Interface Platform – content providers just have to upload contents once and they will be automatically available to pre-determinate user interfaces. NEO M3 provides and manages contents for Web Sites, Wap Sites, Imode sites, Brew, Java Applications, Vodafone Live and SMS Interfaces.


» Save Time – Neo it’s an end-to-end platform, from content management to content presentation, passing to billing connections. Reduces the resources required to manage third-party content providers.

» Cost Save with Business Model based on Revenue Share, without Infra Structure Needs for the clients, and with web interfaces to manage all the business.

» Increase Revenue, product manager stay only focused on business, with ability to change sites and products in real time, based on real time statistics. Supports different business models (revenue-share, pay-per-use, subscription, etc.).

» Maximize ROI, Neo supports from smart-messaging to 2,5 and 3G products allowing operators, content providers and aggregators to base all their activities in the platform.

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