TEKMOB announces release of NEO M3 v2.0 of Mobile Content Management Platform

NEO DRM for Mobile Services, offers Mobile Operators a proven and reliable Digital Managment Solution that complies with (OMA) DRM 1.0

End-to-End solutions for Value added services to mobile operators in the arena of MMS, WAP, SMS






» Device identification
» Best Content Matcher
» Automatic Report Generation and Mailing
» Multi-Channel, Multi-Product, Multi-Provider
» Multi-Presentation, Multi-Language
» Automatic Content Filtering for the user device
» Fast channel development
» Markup Language Generators



The Neo Server features a number of administrative capabilities for dealing with content submission and approval, and categorizing. Also multiple partners can submit content to the Platform, allow the Administrator to easily create multiple channels (wap, imode, sms, etc.), allocating content from multiple sources. As new devices become available, their unique capabilities can easily be added to the Platform.


Events from all components are collected and subscriber usage is tracked. The Neo includes a reporting subsystem, which handles the reporting component with all information in a status report containing the number of content downloads, time of each download, and subsequent usage. These reports can be deployed to the Reporting web Tool interface, and also can be customized to send by email).


In order to deliver the best content format for each device, all services are based on the device recognition. Neo has an intelligent content selection system based in automatic device recognition.


Neo has a segmentation tool able to adapt the content based on user properties. Actually segmentation it’s based on automatic device recognition using User Agent. Site content is shown dynamically based on device properties. Content categories like Top Ten or New show the most downloaded contents and the new contents for the user device.
By making use of a similar rule based system that is already used for device properties, this improvement will allow Neo to support the segmentation of targeted groups, defined by marketing team and product manager, and based on user profile, user experience, most purchased contents or special contents and categories.
Segmentation is based in device and user recognition, and results in the presentation of different contents, categories or wap sites to different groups.


M3 have specific connectors (Billing Connectors) that allow a faster integration with the Mobile Operator. Those connectors can integrate SMS, MMS, WAP or other billing events.
M3 supports a variety of billing mechanisms for the data delivery to subscribers. It can interact with external billing systems at the pre- and post-download phases of service delivery. This may help in creating several flexible billing models:
· By Data types/Content Types
· By volume/bulk of the data,
· Pay-per-use

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