TEKMOB announces release of NEO M3 v2.0 of Mobile Content Management Platform

NEO DRM for Mobile Services, offers Mobile Operators a proven and reliable Digital Managment Solution that complies with (OMA) DRM 1.0

End-to-End solutions for Value added services to mobile operators in the arena of MMS, WAP, SMS.






TEKMOB offers a wide variety of management and professional services to network operators and Content Providers. Our services are designed uniquely for each client to match their specific needs and business requirements. Operators can rely on TEKMOB experience and in-depth knowledge launching and marketing consumer mobile data services that not only increase their speed-to-market, but that also help eliminate costly mistakes and identify new revenue opportunities. TEKMOB experience with content providers and aggregators from around the world can be leveraged based on the needs of each customer.

In order to create a successful mobile offering, there are certain technologies and processes that need to be in place to be successful. TEKMOB can provide these services in an outsourced capability, which can include:

»Content Certification
»Technical Certification
»Media Management
»Technical Support

Content Certification: this service can facilitate content review to enforce operator specific requirements. Consistent review ensures better quality content and a more profitable and rewarding end user experience. Content review can include:
» Content Quality
» Language Review & Localization
» Pricing
» Usability


Technical Certification: provide testing capabilities to automate key steps in the technical qualification process and to guarantee that only properly functioning content is displayed and available to subscribers


Media Management: Together with operator Product Manager, can handle all aspects of Media management, allowing the operator to focus their resources on other aspects of their business


Technical Support: provide the best customer and technical support for both operators and content providers. By taking advantage of our support staff, operators do not need to rely on their own in-house subscriber technical departments to support content providers


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