TEKMOB announces release of NEO M3 v2.0 of Mobile Content Management Platform

NEO DRM for Mobile Services, offers Mobile Operators a proven and reliable Digital Managment Solution that complies with (OMA) DRM 1.0

End-to-End solutions for Value added services to mobile operators in the arena of MMS, WAP, SMS.






In this proposed option, the customer has the distinct advantage of not having to worry about the hardware and the software infrastructure required for the setup, multi-location access and notifications, maintenance of the set-up including the hardware and software components, etc. The customer would have access to the NEO M3 software elements with the latest updates and upgrades. There is limited dependency on the customer's technical resources for maintaining the test set-up. The customer has the flexibility to immediately start using the service without any delay. Some of the salient advantages accrued are as follows:


»Customer IT department focus on value-added projects, rather than deployment, maintenance, etc.

»Faster application deployment and trouble-free updates

»Easy application scalability

»Access to enhanced support services

»Reduced overall costs for both infrastructure and maintenance

»Increased flexibility in using the services

»Simple, low cost implementation for multi-location access



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